Victory Songs of Women in History

Our stories can become our songs.

Song of Miriam

Within the few verses of Miriam’s song, also known as The Song of the Sea contains a lifetime of struggle. She was born a slave to the Egyptians. Even her name mara means bitter and yam is sea in Hebrew.

Song of Mirabai

Mirabai is perhaps the most famous female poet in India. Born into a royal family in the 16th century, she shunned the benefits of her position and spent her life in service to the Indian deity Lord Krishna.

Song of the Morning

I am a descendant of the Cherokee Native-Americans who crossed over the land on The Trail of Tears. Those Native people forced to relocate to Oklahoma when the federal government lay claim to their land in the Eastern states. Almost all native Oklahomans know about the history of the Trail of Tears. We learned about in school, on T.V., and browsing the internet.

Song of Deborah

Years ago, a rabbi told me that devar means to speak in Hebrew. It is the root word of Debor. Ah is the pronunciation for the letter hei which is the letter for God. Therefore, he said, “Deborah means to speak God.”

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