How to Write Your Vision and Create Your Future

My vision statement changed the direction of my life.

Debbie Walker
6 min readOct 26, 2019


“Create a vision for the life you really want and then work relentlessly towards making it a reality.”
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Vision is a concept I thought about my entire life. I didn’t have a name for it then. People just considered me a daydreamer.

Standing at the crossroads of my imagination, I stared in every direction.

I wandered here and there, and my future was only a dream.

Until I began college and took a class entitled, “How to Succeed in College,” and discovered goal setting. I started writing my goals for graduating.

I accomplished them and became a first-generation college graduate.

Then, I lost my way.

Action Plan

Over thirty years later, I found my path back to my life and setting goals again. However, I felt I needed something more.

That is when I stumbled on Andy Andrews Action Plan to develop a mission statement.

I was so excited!

Finally, I found a step-by-step explanation of articulating goals and how I might apply them.

Additional research led me to understand I also needed a vision statement for my life.

After years of studying other people’s action plans, and much reflection, I formulated what my plan might look like. I had an idea of what I wanted to do — write.

Backing Up to the Present

However, let’s back up a step and understand the import of my vision statement.

I never graduated from high school.

I got pregnant. In the 1970s, a teen mother was usually whisked off to an unwed mother’s home, or just put out of her own home.

The latter happened to me, and I left home and high school.

Years later, I went to college (I passed the entrance exam), and started my first day of English class. I was instructed to write a…



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