Do What Is in Your Hands to Do

Life will reveal itself if we listen to that still small voice.

Let’s see what is done. I created my editorial calendar, scheduled a daily sheet for blogging, writing articles, and research. Blocked out time for prayer and meditation. However, consistency is lagging. Motivation has gone south to the beaches of Cancun. The lines are beginning to blur between what I should and what I want to do.

I feel overwhelmed.

Spinning in a circle, I grasp the enormity of the situation and get dizzy. Woe is me. I think I am reaching the outer bounds of insanity. Look! I see it lurking in the shadows.

The couch is calling to me; plump, deep cushions beaconing to my behind. Here I come! Ooh, that feels so good. I do believe my brain has joined my butt. Tranquility is sweeping over me or is it mind-numbing sleep?

Jerking myself awake, I shouted, “I hate sleeping all day and wasting my life away.”

Then, I heard a still small voice say, “Do what is in your hands to do.”

What the heck does that mean?

I sat up and went to the dining room to find a pen and paper and a pink highlighter with a fuzzy rainbow ball on the end. I know what I am going to do! Make a list, maybe two. I will determine what needs to be done.

But, what can I do with my hands?

Turn Pages

  • Finds loose pictures of you and your family. Make a timeline of your life for your descendants in a scrapbook.
  • Make a list of books to create a new skill. Buy and read them. Revisit textbooks to refresh your knowledge.
  • Pick up sacred scriptures. Read them, then read them again. Pray, speak, and journal about your feelings.

New Style

  • Gather together all your make-up products. Lay them out and study the shades and textures. Begin to experiment with different applications of color than what you have worn in the past.
  • Screenshot images of radical haircuts to take to your stylist. I am going to get my hair cut short and spikey and dyed honey blond!
  • Pull out your clothes such as silky scarves and summer dresses. Mix and match new combinations.


  • I instructed my sons on how to dig a garden. They tilled and hoed rows in a 9 x 12-foot plot. I sat on my walker while they dug holes and gingerly dropped in Big Boy, Cherry, and Heirloom tomato seedlings into the rich, dark soil.
  • In 5-gallon containers, I planted herbs for seasoning food. Cilantro for Mexican dishes, mint for tea, rosemary for meat like roasted chicken.
  • I love purple. So, I planted lavender in pots on my porch for beauty and fragrance. My husband planted purple cornflower for butterflies, songbirds, and herbal remedies.

We are ending the isolation in some areas. Others will follow suit, soon. I believe a new appreciation of life will reveal itself if we listen to that still small voice. And the little things we do with our hands will take on new meaning.

Want Debbie’s 4-Step Action Plan (DAP) to create a vision for your life during the COVID-19 crisis?

Debbie Walker is a great-grandmother, blogger, and writer with a BA in Psychology. Her vision is to help others live the life they aspire to live…one word at a time. Stay in touch with her at

A Self-proclaimed Word Pilgrim seeking the Kingdom of Words within. Has a vision to encourage, empower, & enhance the lives of word at a time.

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