Why is it every time I find myself on the edge of joy, I withdraw?

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Joy is a concept that runs deep in my life. I want it but it always seems to escape me. Joy is at the edge of my fingertips, taunting me, inviting me to partake of its fruits.

But something stops me like a sting or a prick. It’s as if I am afraid.

Of what?

Then someone in my writing class mentioned Brené Brown.

Until recently, I had never of Brené Brown. While on a Zoom call, a participant mentioned Brené and the impact of her research on women’s lives.

Since women are my niche, I became intrigued. I Googled…

How I’ve become the dragon I killed as a child

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Time. I have been conscious of time my entire life. Not in a subconscious kind of way, but always looking back and around and anticipating a future time.

Even as a child.

Scary Time

I remember living or existing in a time of child abuse. Yearning for the years to be over. Wishing I was born to a different family at another time.

Daydreaming about imagining a time where I fought dragons. I was never a damsel in distress. I rode a horse with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other.

I didn’t need a knight in shining…

I have a question for you!

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Hi, Fellow Seekers of Happiness!

Yes, I do have a question for you! Wait, wait, wait for it…what should we name this newsletter?

I want a snappy, happy kinda name. Something to grab people’s attention. We want to grow, right? Share the happiness!

Ruminate on that issue for a while.

I didn’t get much writing done last week. I was sick in bed for about 4 days. I hate it when my lungs don’t function properly. (Not COVID).

Germs sneaking through the air waiting to catch someone without a mask. …

They are like a choir singing harmony with one another.

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How do we experience happiness? This is a question of the ages. There are many theories, ancient wisdom, and folklore that claim to have the secret to happiness.

However, I know of several ways to impact happiness by a factor of 3. I want to explore the theory scientists today agree upon. They believe we have 3 brains — in our heart, head, and gut.

These 3 brains are composed of neurons that are connected and work together. They are like a choir singing harmony with one another. …

I’m kinda happy. What about you?

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Just as I was posting my articles to this newsletter, I realized something was amiss. Or missing.

I write one Happy Hack a week, or at least going forward, I am. However, my hacks went from #7 to #9. Where’s #8?

Did I forget to write it? Oh no! What the heck am I going to do?

Or I have a much simpler explanation. I wrote the wrong number in the title. It should be 8 instead of 9.

If that all I got to be upset about, I’m happy as a lark! Well, it’s time to read.



Debbie Walker

A Self-proclaimed Word Pilgrim seeking the Kingdom of Words within. Has a vision to encourage, empower, & enhance the lives of others...one word at a time.

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